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September 4, 2018

Beyond Skin Beauty (BSB) is a sunless tanning and skin care manufacturing and wholesale company, based in Hume.

BSB Pacific was initially born in the retail sector in 1998 when founder and CEO Winston Hayes opened his first beauty salon. Focusing on spray tanning, and other express services, the business grew from importing its own products to becoming predominantly wholesale. From this leap, Winston realised the market for quality sunless tanning goods. This catapulted BSB to success.

“We were one of the first companies to offer a professional treatment, whereas previously it was out of a bottle, tell-tale orange. We started pushing boundaries to do it in a better way and that’s what created more interest. We created our own brands and started manufacturing. To this day, we are one of the largest producers of sunless tanning products in Australia,” acknowledged Winston.

His insatiable thirst for knowledge of tanning products is what lifts Winston above the competition. “I wanted to know everything about it. I wanted to feel like I was as knowledgeable as the person who was creating the recipe. I think that is where we’re different from those that are more of a marketing company rather than understand the whole picture.”

BSB produces many of its own products and brands, all of which are PETA approved vegan, including the well-known Moroccan Tan (their best seller).  Recognising their quality, BSB was approached by other personal care companies to create products for them from skincare, infant products to pet care, thus driving continued expansion. BSB provide their own products to over 1,000 businesses and their partners’ products to tens of thousands of retailers.

Beginning in Boroondara, BSB moved to Banyule, then Whittlesea but as they grew they needed greater space and therefore decided to establish their headquarters in Hume City offering size, space and convenience providing benefits which they immediately recognised. “Out of need, we came to Hume and instantly it was easy. They were much more open to new business, to manufacturing and really tried their best to reduce red tape and previously experienced challenges.

BSB employs approximately 30 diverse staff from Hume City and other areas, in production, distribution, engineering, quality control and scientific fabrication. The business is expanding and aims to double in size in the next few years whilst retaining its quality edge. “My aim is not to be the largest. I consider BSB as a boutique company, providing much more of a quality service. I said to my wife that if we didn’t know the first name of everyone who works here, then we would’ve reached the point where we’re too big,” added Winston.

BSB are also selling their products direct to the public from their showroom in Campbellfield.



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