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At Beyond Skin Beauty (BSB) we live to find the ultimate beauty in everyday life. We lead, we succeed, and we deliver the everyday search for the best innovations in the industry.

No company specialises in the tanning industry like we do, contributing to an estimated 40 million tans a year across the globe. We develop products and tools that encourage creativity in the world of tanning, however, while our origins are in tanning, we have progressively diversified into almost all other areas industries of personal care, beauty, skincare and other technologies through the growing success and reputation of our innovative capabilities.

Beyond Skin Beauty has come a long way from running its own beauty salons in the mid 90’s. Today, Beyond Skin Beauty is known for manufacturing leading edge products while also providing iconic brands to salons and consumers. Our grassroots origins are not lost and like all salon owners, we understand that not all clients are the same and that the power of choice is vital for salons to deliver successful experiences to our diverse global consumer base.

With our headquarters in Melbourne, Beyond Skin Beauty has operations throughout Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Europe and China. The passion and flair of our employees is the dominant driving force behind our rapid success.

Our vertically integrated business strategy is extensive, with the segment of channels including manufacturing and distribution as key functions, coupled with our strong sourcing and diversified customer network, which underpins our position as a market leader to the global marketplace.

We leverage the benefits of our scale to increase efficiencies and generate innovation across the entire company. Ultimately, we seek to improve our speed to market and deliver quality products to our customers like no other.

Beyond Skin Beauty is committed to creating products that meet the changing needs of consumers. We will innovate to progress. We will excite through cutting-edge science. We will deliver beauty to every day!