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Our manufacturing expertise lies in over 20 years in the industry creating and supplying on trend, meaningful, quality products. Products we manufacture can be found in more than 50 countries around the globe, as our on-trend technology meets the changing needs of professionals and consumers alike.

Flexibility is guaranteed when partnering with Beyond Skin Beauty as we are equally capable of working with multinational PLC’s to startups alike. Ideally, we hope to be considered as an extension of our of clients businesses as we partner to tackle demands and challenges together, seeking the most desirable products and outcomes.

Our strong in-house dedicated research and development teams consist of talented and passionate Chemists, Scientists and Engineers, which when are paired with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, marketers deliver the best in the market.

Tanning Essentials

Tanning Essentials is an industry pioneer, both in innovative patented product concepts and in strategic market vision within the tanning and beauty industry.

Tanning Essentials also partners with leading brands in the industry and develop tanning systems that complement the leading spray tan solutions. Tanning Essentials offers a wide range for any level of user. With proven ability for quality, reliability and innovation, Tanning Essentials spray tan systems are continually proven to be the trusted choice for all industry professionals.


Machiaj Laboratories

Machiaj Laboratories is a leader in tanning, skin care and body care. We are a cosmetic manufacturer specialising in the production of safe, high-quality products - including organic and natural products.

Our full-time chemists and chemical engineers work in our state-of-the-art private lab to create unique custom formulations and boutique batch sizes with short turnarounds. Few cosmetic laboratories in Australia are equipped to produce such premium products within such tight timeframes.