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August 12, 2020

Like everyone else around the world, we were initially shell shocked to be faced with such an uncertain and unprecedented time.

Thankfully with being in business for over 20+ years, our strong foundations and well-managed operations have held us in good stead to harbour the current crisis we are all facing.

We almost immediately shifted our attitude and started believing that a crisis can bring opportunity and enables us to explore new avenues and direction.

There has been a range of strategies that have been integral to our success in adapting and navigating the ‘new norm.’

Being a vertically integrated and international business has helped us to reconfigure and move our employees to other parts of the business.

In particular, our manufacturing arm of the business has been a pivotal vehicle for change. Drawing on our capabilities and how we could make an immediate adjustment, we started developing three versions of hand sanitiser, which has helped us work with a different realm of clients and created great opportunity and more work for our employees.

We have also been working with some exciting new start-ups, which has been very endearing as they are thirsty for success. Like us, they have acknowledged this is a time for opportunity and new direction. Ironically, this is the push they needed to action their vision boards and create the business they have always dreamed of.  These start-ups will also bring a new range of innovative products to the market, which is exciting for the personal care industry, and we are proud to be a key player in that change.

Identifying that the digital space has never been more vital, we have enhanced our digital scope and established new websites that are direct to consumer, improved our data strategies and are focusing on delivering more online resources and tools to service our clientele.

The international facet of our business has also helped us to focus on countries that have returned to ‘normal’ working conditions, and this has also given us a head start on what things may look like within Australia in the coming months.

Initially, when you’re faced with change, it can seem daunting and overwhelming, especially for employees, but as a team, we knew that we had to accept the idea of change in order to succeed and evolve. Covid-19 has undoubtedly changed the world forever, but we are optimistic about the future and believe that our business will learn many things and continue to grow stronger and better.



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